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Hardware Diagnostics

When your devices are running slow, it could be a device issue or a network issue. Let our IT Professionals assist in determining the root cause. We can resolve the issue or offer solutions to help improve your systems performance.


We have techs available to assist you in networking your desktops, laptops, printers, and mobile devices in your home or small office to your existing network. With Green's IT Solutions we can manage your network to ensure your devices are available whenever and where ever.  

IT Consultations

Not sure what technology to setup to make your small business thrive? With the help of Green's IT Solutions, your equipment and network can be assessed to determine what improvements are needed to ensure your business IT needs are met.

On Demand Repair

Know what the issue is but cannot fix it or have time to? If you need a trusted technician to come to your location, a Greens IT tech can be on the way. For a flat rate we can send a technician on site to eliminate your technical issue. If there is no fix available, our techs are able to advise you of your options. 

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